Thursday, September 26, 2013

Syrian rebels destroy 'Jewish' tombs

With thanks Ahuva; Jeremy

The Iranian-sponsored Press TV has been featuring a clip showing the shocking sight of hooded men with axes demolishing 'Jewish' tombs in the district of Aleppo a few days ago.

The clip links the vandalism to the earlier destruction of a Christian village. The report is obviously intended to discredit the jihadist rebels. In May 2013, supporters of the Iranian regime protested the destruction by jihadists of a Shia Mosque.

According to The Times of Israel, "Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists reportedly demolished several ancient Jewish mausoleums in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo. The graves were located in the historical town of Tadif, according to the semi-official Iranian FARS news agency and other Iranian news outlets. The terrorists reportedly belong to the al-Qaeda-backed al-Nusra Front.

"A tomb said to be that of Ezra the Scribe is located in the town. It is unclear if it was one of the damaged grave sites."

Update (with thanks: Ahuva):  the tombs may not be Jewish at all, as their green colour suggests they might be Muslim. This article (Hebrew) suggests that Iranian propaganda against the Sunni jihadists has a vested interest in describing the tombs as Jewish.


suzy pirotte vidal said...

It's not the dead that are shocked because the in their wisdom know what difficulties a Jew goes through!

Anonymous said...

sorr m "y" has gone missing. Anyone who finds it please report to me!!!

Anonymous said...

My Hebrew, alas, is extremely rusty, but yes, I can see where the Iranians would hope to convince their archest enemies to desist from preventing the transfer of Assad's tools of war to Hezbollay.

Sylvia said...

Meanwhile, the cultural genocide continues...

Sylvia said...

We can't be that sure that they are Muslim because they're green.
The first thing Palestinians did after they stormed Joseph's Tomb at the break of the second intifada was paint it in green.

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

Sylvia, when the soldier Madhat Yusuf was killed at Joseph's Tomb in 2000, the Arabs were claiming the site as the tomb of a Muslim shaykh, Shaykh Yusuf. Of course, the story was just an expedient invention as so often turns out to be the case with Arab claims. Now they shoot at the Tomb which they were doing back in 2000 too. Moreover, I recall that back then that after they had successfully driven the Israeli troops away, they even began to physically demolish the Tomb, using tools to pry one stone apart from another.
But it seems that now they have given up the claim about "shaykh Yusuf" but the shooting goes on and shots were fired at the tomb a week or so ago.
Nevertheless, the false Arab claim has to be countered. See Link: