Friday, September 20, 2013

Celebrating Succot, Iraqi-style

With thanks: Janet

Jews eating in a Succah or booth (photo: BeyondBelief)

The festival of Succot is currently in full swing, and to celebrate here is a  piyut or  psalm sung in the Iraqi  style by Rabbi Yehuda Ovadia- Ftaya.

Listen out for the darbuka drum solo towards the end of the clip.

The  piyut is called Succah  ve Lulav. The Succah is the booth which Jews build every year to recall the 40 years during which the Children of Israel spent wandering in the desert before they were allowed to enter the Promised Land. Jews are enjoined to dwell in the Succah for eight days. The clip shows various Succot open to the sky with palm fronds laid across the roof.

The Lulav is a palm frond tied together with willow and myrtle. It is shaken together with an etrog, or type of outsize lemon.

Moadim lesimha to all who are celebrating the festival.

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