Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Magda Haroun is next Cairo Jewish leader (update)


Magda Haroun interviewed recently by the French TV Channel Arte

 Update: Al-Ahram online is reporting that Magda Haroun will refuse to use Israeli funds to renovate Egypt's synagogues, preferring UNESCO support. There is no history of Israeli funds being used, however - renovation work has to-date either been financed with money from the Egyptian government or money from diaspora Jewish bodies or wealthy individuals. In my view this is just another way of re-iterating Magda Haroun's credentials as a proud Egyptian.

Following the death of Carmen Weinstein, Magda Haroun, 61, was unanimously elected president of the Jewish Community of Cairo at what the Egypt Daily News describes as 'an extraordinary general assembly' meeting held in the afternoon of Monday, 15 April 2013. It was attended by various senior members of Cairo's Jewish community. Magda's sister Nadia is a prominent and successful Cairo lawyer.
Bassatine News, the journal of the Cairo Jewish community, reports: "Madga-Tania Chehata Haroun Silvera (Maggy to her friends) was born in Alexandria on 13 July 1952, the older of Chehata and Marcelle Haroun’s two daughters. Magda attended the Lycee Francais School in Bab El Louk, Cairo before graduating from Cairo University’s School of Applied Arts. Later, she joined the firm of Haroun & Haroun Patents/Trademarks and Legal Affairs partnering with her lawyer sister Nadia C. Haroun.

"The Haroun sisters were raised in a home where humanitarian values were sacred. Their father, Maitre Haroun (1920-2001), was a man of definite convictions and the reputed humanist and founding member of the Tagamu Party along with other leading Egyptian politicians.

"A mother of two university graduate daughters, Magda Haroun is fluent in Arabic, French, English and moderate Italian and is fond of painting and handicrafts. "

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Anonymous said...

Mazal Tov to our new leader.
I onloy hope that Egyàptians will be kind to her.

Anonymous said...

Our leader? Not mine, for sure. Her grotesque anti-Zionism is even worse than those of the Muslims. Shame on her and on her late father!