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Jewish-Muslim 'coexistence' in Shiraz, 1893

 Mosque in Shiraz

In 1948, Iran had no quarrel with the newly-founded state of Israel, and good relations prevailed between the two countries for the next 30 years. Yet thousands of Iranian Jews flooded into Israel. The reason can partly be found in a Jewish memory of ill-treatment and subjugation, as described by blogger Elder of Ziyon. EoZ has been delving into  Jewish Missionary Intelligence. (The picture may be painted blacker than it actually was, however, to justify the need for JMI's missionising work):

Shiraz has the largest Jewish population in the south. Their number is 5,000, and they occupy 430 houses in their own quarter, called Mahale Yahoodian i.e., "the quarter of the Jews." They have ten large synagogues, two chief Rabbis, and five schools, where the children study Hebrew. No one knows the Talmud except the Rabbis. They read Hebrew in order to be able to say their prayers in the synagogue. Not one Jew in Shiraz can read the Persian language, or speak it properly. They speak a jargon Persian, quite different from the Jews of other parts of Persia.

All the Jews are very anxious to have a proper school in which to learn the Persian and European languages. By occupation they are goldsmiths and silversmiths, and have their shops on the back streets of the Mohammedan quarter. There are a good many petty merchants, who go to Fessa and Jahroom to buy opium, and return to Shiraz where they sell it to the Mohammedans on credit.

...Nowhere in Persia are the Jews so badly persecuted as in Shiraz. The chief Mollah has promulgated the following laws with regards to them:

1st. "They must not wear ordinary clothes like the Mohammedans." This law is carried to such an extent that no Jew dare put on a black hat like the Moslems.

2nd. "The Jews must not ride on horse, mule, or donkey to the towns." (I did not see one Jew acting contrary to this law.)

3rd. "A pervert to the Mohammedan religion has a right to claim the whole property of his deceased relative." At the present time the perverts have not so much power as before, and dare not claim the whole of the property, but they trouble their relatives, and get about 500 kerans from them, and then leave them in peace.

4th. "If a Mohammedan is in debt to a Jew, the Jew must not force him to pay, but the Moslem may pay his debt at his own pleasure; but if a Jew owes to a Mohammedan he must pay him on the first notice."

5th "If a Mollah or priest beats a Jew in the street or abuses him, that Jew must not return the abuse, but must pass on quietly."

These laws are in some respects similar to those enacted by the Mollahs of Ispahan for the Jews of that town.

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Christian slides said...

Thank you for the information.These rules are similar to the rules against the Copts in Egypt.
"The third Choice" of Mark Durie explans it all. Bat Ye'Or writings are great in this respect

Anonymous said...

I am really depressed by all these anti-Jewish laws.
Pauvres de nous à la merci de lunatiques.
And yet they stay on?
The world is very harsh to us Jews.And I poor fool thought Egypt was harsh on us!!!!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign my mail.
It was
sultana of course