Monday, March 18, 2013

Secret op. lets Jews from Morocco study in Israel

 Most of Morocco's 2,500 Jews live in Casablanca, where their children attend the Alliance Israelite school

Young Jews from Morocco are studying in Israel as part of their degrees. Some choose to stay on: there is no future for us in Morocco, one tells Ynet News:

 Thirteen young Jewish men from Morocco began their studies at the Machon Lev academic institution for men in the Jerusalem College of Technology this year.

These youngsters are part of a fast-growing phenomenon of Moroccan Jewish families sending their children to study in Israel, particularly at the Jerusalem institute These 13 men join 25 other young Moroccan Jews who arrived in Israel in a secret operation in the past three years. Machon Lev helps them maintain their Jewish tradition and values while engaging in academic studies.

On their way to Israel they pass through several countries, in an attempt to cover their tracks and ensure that the Moroccan authorities are unaware of their real destination.

Encouraging their arrival, the State of Israel lets them in without stamping their passports, thus protecting the families left behind and allowing them to return safely to Morocco after completing their degree.

The young men study engineering and high-tech for four years, and most of them decide to immigrate to Israel upon completing their degree. "There is no future for us in Morocco," explains  Itzhak, an accounting student. "I came to Israel and I see myself staying here in the future and starting a family."

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Anonymous said...

Presumably this is because French-speaking Moroccan Jews see no future in France and Spanish/Ladion-speaking Moroccan Jews don't yet see much future in Spain.

Anonymous said...

Will it ever end? Will our kids ever rest from this perpetual runnng away? I wonder.
Moroccans are better than the rest of the Arabs but beware they have grudges . Why? i really do not know