Monday, March 04, 2013

Egyptian-Jewish leader acquitted of fraud

The nightmare is now over: Carmen Weinstein (pictured), leader of the Cairo Jewish community, has had all charges of fraud against her dropped, the Jerusalem Post reports. The octagenarian won a countersuit on 5 February 2013. The case  shows how easily the tiny community is itself exposed to attempts to defraud it (with thanks: Lily)

Carmen Weinstein, the president of the Egyptian Jewish community, was acquitted last week of fraud and embezzlement of 3 million Egyptian pounds ($450,000) by the Abdeen Court of Misdemeanors.

She won the appeal last Monday after first losing her trial in the Heliopolis Court of Misdemeanors, which sentenced her to three years in jail in absentia, reported the Egyptian Independent.

The Egyptian Jewish publication the Bassatine News, explains that the story began in 2010, when Egyptian businessman Nabil Badie Bishay accused Weinstein of stealing three million Egyptian pounds after he had already paid the money for a Jewish community property.

Bishay claimed Weinstein “had treacherously withdrawn her power of attorney in his favor, precluding him to complete the paperwork for the title transfer.”

In a case that attracted international media attention, Weinstein filed a countersuit claiming the accusation was baseless and just another attempt of someone trying to steal Jewish community property.

According to the Bassatine News, the Jewish community in Cairo is very small and consists mostly of elderly women.

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I really don't know how she (Carmen) can go on living there.