Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tunisian NGO accuses Islamists of trashing office

The Tunisian Association for the Defense of Minorities has filed a complaint against Imam Ahmed Shili, here delivering an inflammatory sermon

A Tunisian NGO that has filed a complaint against an antisemitic Imam (and defends minorities  against homophobia and antisemitism) yesterday accused a controversial militia close to the ruling Islamists of attacking its offices. NOW Lebanon magazine carries this AFP report (with thanks: JIMENA):

"Our offices were broken into and vandalized. We have just filed a complaint. We know very well who did that. It was the League for the Protection of the Revolution, which has threatened us several times," said Yamina Thabet, head of the Tunisian Association for the Defense of Minorities.

She said members of the League in the Tunis suburbs of Kram and Goulette had warned the NGO of reprisals after it organized a ceremony on December 29 to commemorate the deportation of Tunisian Jews during World War II.

"They accused us of being Zionists, and other things that I don't dare repeat. They told us: 'We will deal with you'," Thabet told AFP.

She said Interior Minister Ali Layedh had promised "to take charge of the matter himself."

The League for the Protection of the Revolution, a militia allied to the Ennahda party that heads the ruling coalition, has been implicated in acts of violence that have caused outrage in Tunisia.

It is accused of beating to death a representative of a secular opposition party in southern Tunisia last October and of attacking the headquarters of the country's main labor union in the capital in December.

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The League for the Protection of the Revolution have denied  responsibility and condemned the attack (TunisiaLive)

Minority rights group lodges complaint against imam

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