Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Arab belly dancers will girate hips for peace

(Photo: Shutterstock)

Belly dancers from Turkey, Egypt and Jordan are showing no sign of cancelling their participation in the annual International Belly Dance Festival taking place in Eilat's Club Hotel next week, Ynet News reports. 

The festival, which is the world's biggest belly dancing event, will feature some 950 dancers from Israel and 30 other countries across the world. 

Orit Maftsir, one of the festival's organizers and a world-renowned belly dancer, said there had been no cancellations on the part of foreign participants in spite of the recent Israeli operation in Gaza. 

The highlight of the event is the arrival of belly dancers and teachers from Arab countries, who are not afraid to come to Israel and vibrate their hips for peace.

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Anonymous said...

my guess is that people and women in particular are fed up with war and are giving a positive welcome to moving their hips around!
sultana latifa

Anonymous said...


More likely that they want to establish supremacy in the art by outdancing the Israeli entrants. I am a little suprised about Saudi entrants but I guess the ban there is only on Israelis and folks with Israeli stamps in their passports entering the KSA and not the reverse.