Thursday, January 17, 2013

Antisemitism central to Brotherhood ideology

Two weeks ago MEMRI released this video in which President Morsi made his anti-Jewish remarks in 2010  

Two years after he said it on TV, the Western media have finally been giving publicity to Egyptian President Mohammed  Morsi's 'Jews are descendants of apes and pigs' remark. But they are treating Morsi's Jew-hatred almost as a slip of the tongue - not a central plank of Muslim Brotherhood ideology. Lebanese liberal Joseph Bishara sets the record straight in an article on the Arabic site Elaph - transcribed by the indispensable MEMRI (with thanks: Lily):

"The statements by [Egyptian] MB official 'Issam Al-'Aryan regarding the Jews' return to Egypt must be treated as nothing more than an impulsive remark. Five reasons lead me to claim that his statements were empty words and merely a television spectacle meant to serve [the MB's interests], and do not reflect a change in the MB's hostile position towards the Jews.

"First, the MB's hatred for the Jews is a matter of religious principle, which lies at the heart of its creed and cannot be changed, revoked, or disregarded. Second, the MB, which rose to power under obscure circumstances, is attempting to hide its angry, cold, and extremist face behind a smiling, friendly, and tolerant [mask].

Third, the statements were meant to ease the international pressure on the MB... because of the one-sided and immoral positions it had taken in the drafting and ratification of the constitution, and because of its regrettable positions regarding the justice system. Fourth, [the MB wants] revenge on the Nasserist stream, the philosophical mainstay of the opposition, and wants to shift the legal and moral responsibility for the expulsion of the Jews from Egypt to the driving force behind this stream – the late president Gamal 'Abd Al-Nasser. Fifth, [it wants to] distract public opinion with a secondary issue.

"Needless to say, tolerance toward the other has no place in the MB's agenda. Therefore, how can certain people assume that the MB is tolerant of Jews? The MB is racist and hates the Jews and anyone who believes in Judaism. This is an uncontestable part of its creed and is reflected in extremist directives that appear in the writings of its greatest thinkers.

"This hatred did not emerge in the 20th century or [after] Israel's establishment or the occupation of Arab and Palestinian lands by Israel. This hatred is historic, with roots going back to the inception of Islam. The MB bases its hatred of Jews on the Koranic verse: 'You will surely find that the most intense of people in animosity towards the believers are the Jews and the polytheists... ' [Koran 5:82].

"The MB's position on the Jews is evident in the interpretation of this verse by Sayyid Qutb, who said that the Koran placed the Jews before the polytheists because they had been more hostile to the Muslims throughout history. Qutb also stated that contrary to what moderate Muslims claim, the Koranic description of the Jews is unchangeable and is not dependent upon [circumstances] of time and place.

"As far as the MB is concerned, the text is absolute and fits any time and place; hence, the animosity between Jews and Muslims is eternal, and will never end, whatever the circumstances."

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Anonymous said...

you are right: it is a never ending story!
But we too have our prejudice (s).

bataween said...

Of course we do, Sultana, but prejudice is not the same thing as principle!