Friday, January 25, 2013

79 % of Egyptians would not allow Jews to return

The last Jews of Alexandria: all the Jews in this film, including its main character, Joe Harari, have since died. (With thanks: Nev) 

  That's OK with us! I'll bet 100 percent of Egyptian Jews don't want to return either - to the hate-filled hell-hole that is Egypt. Daniel Greenfield in Front Page magazine tells us that Egyptian opinion was being canvassed in a poll in one of Egypt's most popular newspapers. A few weeks ago, Issam al-Aryan, a senior adviser to President (Jews-descended-from-apes-and-pigs) Morsi, invited Egyptian Jews now in Israel to return 'in order to make way for the Palestinians.' Al-Aryan has since been forced to resign. (With thanks: Michelle)

A poll in Akhbar El-Youm, Egypt’s most widely circulated state owned newspaper, asked readers whether they would agree with the idea of the Egyptian Jews who had been expelled from Egypt returning to the country. 79% percent stated that they disagree. 18% said that they agree. And 3% had no opinion.

That’s not surprising as in a 2011 poll, only 2% of Egyptians had a positive view of Jews.

Before the war, Egypt had an estimated 60,000 to 100,000 Jews. By 1976 that number had fallen to 200. Between then thousands of Jews were arrested, locked up or deported. Sustained persecution wiped out the Jewish population of Egypt.

The same phenomenon has been taking place, at a slower rate, with Christians in Egypt.

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Call for Jews to return to Egypt sparks debate


Anonymous said...

that man in the picture is Monsieur Jo.
I saw that film several years ago . It was sad and heartbreaking. Monsieur Jo must really and truly be (if still alive) the last Jew in Alexandria.
There is no way we would want to return to the land that hurt so many of us Jews!
Sultana Latifa
A Jewish refugee from Egypt

Empress Trudy said...

It would be like having the Germans invite us back to Auschwitz. No thank you.

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

anyhow, as we have seen over the weekend, the Egyptian Arabs can hardly get along with the Egyptian Arabs.