Monday, November 05, 2012

Arab press keeps Jewish refugees in the news

 Khalid Amayreh

 Thank you Khalid Amayreh. You and other propagandists are doing a better job keeping Danny Ayalon's campaign  for Jewish refugees on the front page than an army of PR consultants. 

Yesterday Al-Ahram Online posted a screed by this mouthpiece for Hamas, lambasting the meeting on Jewish refugees at the UN in September, and the conference in Jerusalem 10 days earlier. The piece is long on invective and short on facts. It is full of words like 'absurd', 'mendacious' and 'odious'.

 I won't waste time exploding the lies and half-truths. Suffice to say that Amayreh's screed is insulting to any Jew hounded out from an Arab country.

 "The meeting, publicised by the pro Israel media in Europe and North America, was widely seen as a propagandistic effort aimed at offsetting the Palestinian Nakba or 'catastrophe,' the deliberate and premeditated extirpation and subsequent expulsion of the bulk of the Palestinian people from their ancestral homeland at the hands of western-backed Jewish invaders from Eastern Europe.

"Indeed, referring to Arab Jews – who were urged, terrorised and even bombed by Zionist agents in order to make them leave their original homelands in order to fulfil the aims of Zionism – is nothing less than the distortion of truth, history and even language.

It also reflects a mendacious which seeks to create "virtual truths" based on lies.
But we should not be surprised at or baffled by the odious audacity of psychopaths and pathological liars like Ayalon, his boss Avigdor Lieberman or, indeed, their Prime Minister Netanyahu. Needless to say, these people, like most other Israeli leaders, adopt mendacity – even in its most brazen form – as their modus operandi."

Amayreh trots out cliche'd sources for his objections: an ancient and out-of-date article by Yehouda Shenhav (whom he misspells as Shenav - and written in 2003, not 2006); the Facebook rantings of Almog Behar's shadowy Ramat Gan committee; and the usual propaganda about 'Zionist bombs'.

 Amayreh's screed only underlines how terrified the Arabs are that Jews want to claim back their property. Ayalon's campaign has truly touched a nerve in the Arab world.

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