Saturday, September 29, 2012

Now the Coptic chickens are coming home to roost

 Maikel Nabil spent 10 months in an Egyptian jail last year (photo: The New Yorker)

 The brave Coptic blogger, human rights campaigner and conscientious objector Maikel Nabil, writing in the Times of Israel, sees a common thread linking the sorry plight of Copts - 75 percent of whom have emigrated in the last 60 years - with the ethnic cleansing of Egyptian Jews. But Copts themselves have not always been as sympathetic as Nabil - and even took advantage of the 1956 exodus to take over Jewish property at knock-down prices ( as one commenter points out) :

After the Egyptian military took power in the country 1952, it started its campaign against Egyptian Jews, launching its propaganda against Jews in all the state-owned media. It freed all the terrorists who had committed violence against Jews before the coup, and jailed liberals and seculars instead. It encouraged aggression toward the Egyptian Jewish minority, which led to new terrorist attacks against Jewish individuals and properties in Egypt.

Between 1954 and 1956, 80,000 Egyptian Jews were expelled from Egypt, but not before they were robbed of their property. After that, Egypt revoked their citizenship, forbidding them from returning to their homeland. Of course, before they left, Egyptian authorities forced them to sign papers saying that they had been treated fairly and were leaving of their own will. There are currently around 300 Jews living in Egypt, isolated in an environment that is hostile to them.*

The Christian minority in Egypt (known as Copts) reacted in a very selfish way at the time, choosing not to interfere in the crisis so as to avoid any harm. They thought that if they took the side of the dictatorship, they would be safe. Obviously, it didn’t work.

After the Egyptian military expelled Jews and outlawed Bahais and Shias, they started their campaign against Christians.  The Egyptian regime has maintained since that time a very fundamental understanding of Islam, and forced it through the media and the education system. Violent attacks against Christians became increasingly frequent, and most of the time no one was prosecuted.
The Egyptian regime created an uncomfortable situation for Christians in order to force them to leave the country. And the evidence shows that it worked. Some 4 million Egyptian Christians have emigrated from Egypt over the last 60 years, representing one-third of the entire Coptic population, and comprising nearly 75% of Egyptians living abroad.

But Egyptian authorities are not satisfied with that. After Mohammed Morsi acceded to power, he decided to speed up this process. The Egyptian regime used the film “Innocence of Muslims” to start a huge propaganda campaign against Egyptian Christians. And of course, Christians in Egypt are becoming increasingly isolated under this propaganda. Violence against Christians occurs every day, and the state usually takes the side of the Muslim murderers.

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* These figures are not strictly accurate, and current estimates put Jews in Egypt at less than 50.


Empress Trudy said...

Yes they all deserve one another. Let the Copts and the Muslim fascists slaughter one another to the last one standing. Whomever's left will get on CNN to blame it on the Jews anyhow.

Sylvia said...

They are victims too. We tend to mention the physical abuse and material losses, but the mental cruelty that degrades a human being into abject servility was perhaps the hardest to bear.
Pleasing the abuser is the mark of the dhimmi. Even those Copts who felt sympathetic to the Jews at the time -if they were such people - couldn't express it for fear of reprisal.

Sylvia said...

They are expelling Coptic families from El Arish as-we-speak. Has anyone read about that anywhere?

Anonymous said...

God runs the world. People get what they deserve.