Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Ungrateful 'dhimmis' paid for Six-Day War triumph

Photo taken during the Six-Day War by IDF aircraft overflying the Egyptian pyramids (IDF photos). Via ElderofZiyon.

Following the Six-Day War, whose 45th anniversary falls this week, the plight of the remaining Jews in Arab countries became critical. This website by Terry Mendoza has a section describing the repercussions of Israel's victory country-by-country. The World Islamic Congress, meeting three months later, was still seething with indignation at their humiliating defeat: the ungrateful 'dhimmi' Jews among them did not deserve Muslim kindness and protection. They would soon pay.

Israel’s victory in the Six-Day War had dramatic repercussions on the few thousand Jews still living in Arab countries. With the exception of Syria and Iraq where the Jews were kept as virtual hostages, the vast majority of the remaining Jews of Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia fled in the aftermath of the war, bringing communities established since Biblical times to the brink of extinction . In almost all Arab countries there were demonstrations and anti-Jewish riots. Some Arab governments actively persecuted their Jews as if they were Israelis living their midst.

“Jews of Arab Countries: the Congress is convinced that Jews living in Arab countries do not appreciate the kindness and protection that Muslims have granted them over the centuries. The Congress proclaims that the Jews who live in the Arab states and who have contact with Zionist circles or the state of Israel do not deserve the protection and kindness that Islam grants to non-Muslim citizens living freely in Islamic countries. Islamic governments must treat them as enemy combatants. In the same way, Islamic peoples must individually and collectively boycott them and treat them as mortal enemies."

- The World Islamic Congress meeting in Amman, Jordan, 22 September 1967

[Read an anaysis of this statement here]

This section of the site documents the situation in each Arab country after the War. There are links with certain countries to more detailed accounts.

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Israel is still facing the same challenges now...

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o/t another view on the place of origin of the Arab Spring -- Tunisia's hinterland


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