Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Israeli band and belly dancer heavy on harmony

With thanks: Qumran Qumran

It could all be so different: in contrast to the bigotry unleashed by the 'Arab Spring', the Hellfest Heavy Metal festival held last month in France was an oasis of Middle Eastern harmony.

The video shows Lebanese belly dancer Johayna Fakhri waving the Lebanese flag while Kobi Farhi, Jesus-like lead-singer of the band Orphaned Land, waves the Israeli flag. Apparently, the flag-waving was Fakhri's idea.

Orphaned Land are better known in the Muslim world than they are in their native Israel. They have tens of thousands of fans in Arab countries and Iran, where recently they appeared on the front cover of a music magazine.

According to Ynet News, Kobi Farhi explained: "She (Johayna Fakhri) contacted me on Facebook and wanted us to cooperate and wave the flags. I explained to her that it would be amazing for us, but I didn't want people to harass her. I didn't want it to seem that we were using her and that she would be criticized in her homeland. "But she insisted, despite everything, and I see her as a hero. I had a long conversation with her about the problems in the Middle East, and following the meeting she really wants to visit Israel."

Boycott, what boycott?

Israeli band Orphaned Land a big hit in Muslim world

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