Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Edwin Black promotes 'Farhud' in San Francisco

Award-winning investigative author and journalist Edwin Black is visiting the San Francisco Bay area, continuing his national book tour on his most recent bestseller, The Farhud: Roots of the Arab-Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust. Martin Barillas of SperoNews writes:

This book, lauded by critics such as Middle East expert Walid Phares as "meticulously researched and documented," chronicles the robust axis between Arabs and Nazis, on and off the battlefield, during the Holocaust. What the book documents is "a legacy of hate" by Arabs against Jews combined with the Nazi lust for oil that brought Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler into common cause with the Muslim Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and other Arab leaders. The stated goal at the time was to exterminate Jews not only in Palestine but also in Europe. Eventually, the shoulder-to-shoulder battlefield alliance of Nazis, Muslims and Arabs during World War II also created the Muslim-Catholic murder regime in Croatia known as the Ustasha, perhaps the most heinous killers of the Holocaust, according to Black.

“Farhud,” a word in Arabic that signifies violent dispossession, is used to describe the horrific events of 1941 in Baghdad when Iraqi Nazi mobs murdered and raped the Jewish community, seizing their property and wiping out their millennial presence in the country. Of his latest work, Black wrote, “This is a book I wish that I didn’t have to write.”

Black gave this interview on the Stakelbeck on Terror, a Christian TV show. (With thanks: Eliyahu)


Juniper in the Desert said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

There's a piece at Tablet Magazine that might be of interest. It's a story on Egyptian-born Jews in Israel and the United States and their take on the goings-on in Egypt. Here's a link:

Ana said...

Poor Jews. Always the victims.
The bloodshed Israel is promoting with allies killing millions of people is not of any interest for the Zionists.

Some Jews should start stopping distorting history, facts and events to justify crimes against humanity.

Israel is a criminal state.
But, of course, you'll never admit it and US is promoting democracy in the north of Africa.
Yep, humanitarian aid.
Shalon means peace but... Salam means what?

I'll cry over your "chosen people" while Israel is killing and torturing.
Appalling blindness.

bataween said...

I won't delete your comment as it is a classic example of the sort of irrational hatred that caused the Farhud in the first place.