Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jihadist demo at Tunis Synagogue condemned

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The big news last week in the blogosphere was the Jihadist demonstration outside the Great Synagogue in Tunis.

It started around 2pm on Friday 13 February at the Alfath Mosque, a few yards away from the Great Synagogue in Tunis: one hundred members of the Hizb -ul-Tahrir party paraded in front of the synagogue chanting Khaybar Khaybar al-Yehud. The slogan recalls the massacre of the Jewish tribe of Khaybar by Muhammad and his followers in the 7th century. This group of demonstrators, according to this website, come from Ettadhamen, an extremely poor district of Tunis, but 'are extremely dangerous.'

The Tunisian authorities condemned the incident last Thursday. According to an official TAP press communique, the ministry of religious affairs warned against a repetition of such acts, calling on men of faith and civil society to denounce them as 'against the Tunisian tradition of tolerance' and respect for different religious beliefs.

The pro-Jewish Tunisian blogger Souhail Ftouh has deplored as a 'scandal' the fact it took six days for the authorities to condemn the Islamist protest at the Great synagogue in Tunis (below).

On Tuesday the ministry of the Interior had firmly condemned the acts of certain extremists who incite to violence and hatred among Tunisians. The President of the Jewish community, Roger Bismuth, called the incident a 'miserable and isolated event'.

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We,in Israel, are watching very attentively to all the changes in the muslim countries. We are living the beginning of a new era in the Middle East.We hope that it will be for the best ,and more and more kippa
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