Sunday, February 20, 2011

All non-Muslim minorities now targeted in Tunisia

Following last week's provocative Islamist demonstration at the Great Synagogue in Tunis chanting antisemitic slogans, Christians are now the target : a Catholic priest has had his throat slit. Report by The Star Tribune, Minnesota (via Atlas Shrugs):

TUNIS, Tunisia - Tunisia's official TAP news agency says a Catholic priest from Poland has been killed and his body had multiple stab wounds and his throat was slit.

The report cites the Tunis archbishopric as saying 34-year-old Marek Marius Rybinski worked at a religious school in the Tunis suburb of Manouba. His body was found Friday in the school parking lot.

In a statement, the Interior Ministry said the killing appeared to be the work of a "group of extremist terrorist fascists," judging by the way it was carried out.

The statement denounced extremists' "exploitation ... of the current exceptional circumstances to make trouble."

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Update: The school at Manouba had been receiving death threats addressed to 'the Jews' (French)

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