Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Israeli band Orphaned Land big hit in Muslim world

'Sapari', based on a traditional Yemenite poem and song.

They're a big hit across the Arab world. (But in Israel, few have heard of them!)
Good news to lighten the seasonal gloom in Israeli-Arab relations (with thanks: Islamo-Nazism blog)

Israeli heavy metal band Orphaned Land has become a huge hit in the Muslim world, with about a million fans world wide, record sales at a quarter of a million and performances in 25 countries. Their mix of heavy metal with oriental music has brought them fans from Turkey, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Libya, Dubai, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. The irony is that in Israel almost no one has heard of them. They were formed in 1991. They have recently appeared on the front page of Iran's heavy metal magazine Divan. Their official website is here. Their official fan website is here. Here are some videos about them from Israeli TV:

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Anonymous said...

That god and normal as human without interfered by hatred or dirty politics.

This really showing the Arab land have no issue with Jews who ever they are.