Friday, November 19, 2010

Mind the gap....

To the dear regular and not-so regular readers of Point of No Return,
Posting will be sporadic or non-existent while Bataween goes travelling. Full service will resume at the beginning of December.


ahoovah said...

Have a safe trip !

Juniper in the Desert said...

Yes, safe travelling and God protect you! Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy yourself and have the best time of your life or whatever else you want for yourself


Sylvia said...

The end of an era?

This past week saw the death in Morocco of two Moroccan Jewish towering figures: Edmond Amran El Maleh (1917-2010) on November 15 2010, and Abraham Serfaty (1926 – 2010) on November 18, 2010.
Both were communists, both were political activists involved in the struggle against French colonialism and for social reform in Morocco, both were anti-Zionists and pro-Palestinian.

Edmond Amran El Maleh was a writer with a unique writing style. He received the Grand Prix du Maroc award for his works. Among his novels, Parcours immobile, Aïlen ou la nuit du récit, Le café bleu. Zrirek, Jean Genet Le Captif amoureux et autres essais, Le Retour d'Abou El Haki, Mille ans un jour.

An engineer by profession, Abraham Serfaty spent many years in jail and in exile in France before he was pardoned and allowed to return to Morocco by King Mohammed VI. He was one of the ideologues of Souffles, a controversial literary journal founded by Abdellatif Laabi, until it was shut down and the two sent to prison in 1972. Serfaty was torured while in jail and his citizenship was later revoked.

Serfaty LAO opposed the Moroccan annexation of the Western Sahara.

Sylvia said...

LAO= pls disregard

Suzanne said...

Just found a book dealing with an old blood libel: killing christian kids for jewish rituals
The pages scanned are bit messed up concerning the order.

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

Serfati and Elmaleh's devotion, intelligence and persistence deserved a better cause. That can be said about many communists.

Sylvia said...

When you think about it, that's the only road they could take. Had they been Zionists and came to Israel, they would have been emprisoned in the "Mizrahi" straightjacket, a name that to Ashkenazi - and particularly Yekke Leftists, is synonymous with "workers' class."
They would have been stripped of all dignity, constantly insulted and pushed out by the likes of Haim Hefer and Nathan Zach and Haaretz and co.

A case in point is the current plight of the "Mizrahi" radical left in Israel and the Nathan Zach controversy. They suddenly discover that after all these years, after all their work serving the Palestinian cause, to the Ashkenazi radical Left, they're still of the "cave dwellers'" culture and the punchbag for the racist Ashkenazi radicval Left.
Let's face it: as Zionists,neither El Maleh nor Serfaty would have amounted to anything.
It is interesting that Sephardic communists never came to Israel- Unlike their Ashkenazi counterparts, they put their feet where their mouth is. Literally.

Compare with the racist Zach who wants to be the national poet of the Zionist State, on one hand boosts of his own "superior european culture" and at the same time belittles Sephardic culture which he calls "cave culture", while on the other wants to sail on a ship to free Gaza. And all this on the public, electronic media.,7340,L-3965023,00.html

Anonymous said...

enjoy your travels


Sylvia said...

Iam amazed at the courage of Christians of Egypt, who are protesting for the right to rebuild a church. I don't know of one instance when Jews have clashed with police in a Muslim country to rebuild a synagogue.

bataween said...

Thanks everybody for your good wishes- having a great time.
Sylvia, great numbers of Iraqi communists came to Israel. If you read Eli Amir, their Aliya was made easier by the party apparatus in Israel. These communists did not choose Israel- they had little choice- some like salim fatal ceased to be communists, others like Sami Michael remained so


Anonymous said...


How is Baghdad, did you enjoyed your spacial secret trip there?

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

despite being a Communist, Sami Mikhael wrote a youth novel about the Farhud that is read in the school curriculum, Sufa beyn haD'qalim. I read part of it when my son was assigned to read it. It is not so gory as the real events may have been, but it is graphic enough.

Anonymous said...

great numbers of Iraqi communists came to Israel.

NOTE: Keep Deleting our Conspiracy theorists> either put up your evidences or shut up

As for Iraqi communists why they went to Israeli wither by their chose or not, the majority of Zionists came from communists countries (East Europe) by their chose as they have not chose other that flee the discrimination and bad treatment in there home countries like Poland, Romania, Hungary and others..

أهارون said...

Enjoy yourself dear have a great time