Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sanity of Cairo synagogue bomber is questioned

The Adly synagogue, targeted last February (Photo: Mohamed Abdel Ghany)

A Cairo criminal court adjourned until 16 October the case of a man accused of throwing a primitive bomb at a Jewish synagogue in Cairo, judicial sources said, al-Masry al-Yom reports.

In February, a small fire erupted in front of Adly Street Synagogue in downtown Cairo causing no damage or injuries.

At the time, the police said that Gamal Ahmed, 49, threw a plastic bag he had from a window of an adjacent hotel in the direction of the synagogue, which is 14 meters away.

A judicial source said that during today’s session Ahmed denied the accusations against him, and said that his confessions were taken under pressure and torture.

The defense lawyer requested that the suspect be referred to a panel of three experienced psychiatrists because his client suffered from mental deterioration, the source added.

Prosecutors have asked for the maximum sentence, charging Ahmad with possession of unlicensed explosives with the intention of carrying out a 'terrorist-like act.'

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