Monday, September 13, 2010

Star-of-David Koran violates Algerian ' state ethics'

Antisemitism reached a new low in Arab countries when Algeria announced it was banning sales of the Koran bearing a Star of David on the cover :

Ynet News reports:

"Algeria ordered thousands of Koran books whose covers bear a Jewish symbol to be removed from shelves, on a day in which an American pastor relinquished his plan to burn the holy Muslim testament.

"Algerians who had already purchased the books decorated with a Star of David were urged to return them to stores in exchange for another Koran or their money back.

"According to the Algerian government, the symbol on the cover "is not in keeping with the general ethics of the state".

The United Arab Emirates-based Al-Bayan quoted an official from the Algerian Ministry of Religious Affairs as saying that a private businessman had imported the books from Egypt, and that censoring authorities were accusing him of "disrupting public order".

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Why stop at copies of the Koran? Perhaps Tunisia should pull down the Great Synagogue in Tunis for its provocative 'Seal of Solomon':

These Stars of David below are not even to be found on a synagogue - but on a mosque! The Testour mosque in Tunisia, to be precise. They date back to a happier time when mosque-building was a joint effort between Muslim, Christian and Jewish craftsmen. Away with them, I say!

Imagine the outrage if more Algerians knew that at one time, this was to be Morocco's chosen flag. The shame of it! A definite casus belli.

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Sylvia said...

The Algerians as usual think with their "Nif" not with their brain.
In the Muslim world, the "seal of Solomon" was a Muslim symbol for many centuries. It was a magical symbol of wisdom and as such was used by caliphs and sultans since (who else) Suliman the Magnificent as well as art motif in mosaics.
(I vaguely remember having read somewhere that the six point star has a religious meaning to the shia but cannot confirm it).

Once it has become an Israeli symbol as the Star of David, it lost all its prestige.

That seal on the Moroccan Sultan's flag was used to my knowledge under the Spanish and French protectorates in Morocco.

What I find absolutely fascinating is not the presence of the seal on the Moroccan flag, but that it was issued during the Vichy (Nazi France) rule only. Deliberate provocation? So far there is no answer to that.

Chanokh said...

Even more so, the seal of Solomon was the personal symbol of Emir Abd el-Kader, the reverated hero of Algerian and Muslim resistance against French colonialism in the 19th century!

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

AS OF now the Moroccan flag has a five-pointed star

Sylvia said...

I wonder, Hanokh, if that's connected in any way with the claim that Abdel Kader was a member of the Grand Orient Lodge. The six pointed star is also a symbol of freemasonry.

Sylvia said...

OFF TOPIC: Just heard over the radio that 5000 Jews of Libya who are concentration camps survivors will start receiving survivors's allowances. About time.

bataween said...

thanks Sylvia, will look out for the story