Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scholar slams marrriage of Muslim woman to Jew

As this snippet from Gulfnews shows, it is forbidden for a Jewish man to marry a Muslim woman, but perfectly acceptable for Jewish women to marry Muslim men (invariably they convert to Islam). The reason for this curious double standard, and the Kuwaiti scholar's wrath, could simply be that the wife is expected to take on her husband's religion, and Islam must never defer to Judaism.

(Manama:) A Kuwaiti religious leader has rejected the marriage of a Muslim woman to a Jewish man, saying it amounted to adultery.

"The Islamic text about such marriages is very clear: A Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim even if he is Christian or Jewish," said Dr Anwar Shuaib, the head of Islamic jurisprudence at the University of Kuwait.

On Saturday, former US president Bill Clinton officiated at the wedding of US Representative Anthony D. Weiner, a 45-year-old Jew, and his bride, Huma Abedin, a 34-year-old Muslim.

Huma, a longtime aide to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, had been dating the congressman for about two years. They announced their engagement last summer.

However, the Muslim scholar said that the union should never happen.

"This marriage is null and void and amounts to adultery."

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David Schraub said...

Hey, what a great chance for interfaith dialogue! The far-right Israel National News was also considerably less than pleased about the wedding.

To be fair, they didn't say the wedding was null. But their sympathies are clearly aligned. Maybe they can issue a joint statement of condemnation.

bataween said...

It's one thing to disapprove of the wedding, but it's another to call it 'adultery' - and so far nobody on the Jewish side has done that ...

Juniper in the Desert said...

Muslims make a nonsense of the word "adultery" as they twist the whole English language to suit their nefarious aims.

Adultery in the Islamic meaning pre-supposes the Muslim woman is already married - to a Muslim man. This is mendacious to say the least! and total nonsense!

Sammish said...

Hey I see a big contradiction here... Couldn't anyone spot it.

The Halasha stipulates that anyone born of a Jewish mother is automatically jewish. Are muslims that creduleous to believe that a jewish woman who coverts, marry and produces babies to a Muslim husband are automatically muslims? Well maybe by silencing the expression of the wife jewish beliefs and the kids teachings. If it was me I would at least have doubt in such unions. However a jewish man marring a muslim woman could be the answer to the muslim religio-genetic obsession.

Heather said...

However a jewish man marring a muslim woman could be the answer to the muslim religio-genetic obsession.

As if jewish women don't have enough problems.....Oh well, there's always the Chinese.

Sammish said...

That's my point. The Muzz (musulmans: French derevitive of Muslims) will never ever allow a muslim woman to marry outside their faith. So you do not have to worry about muslim mating competition. As for the Chinese. (or orientals). I am not sure... well there are there and there are less religious, thus a prospective mating possibility with a increase chance for Jewish faith propagation.

Heather said...


Actually, there have been episodes. About 20 years ago there was a tv special about a bahrani princess who married a us marine after gulf war 1. Alas, they got divorced after gulf war 2. I'm sure there were others, but I guess the common denominator is that they come mostly from secular families, and much of that has changed with the rise of islamic fundamentalism.

As far as yemeni men marrying jewish girls, it's not a marriage, it's the equivalent of being kidnapped and sold into slavery ("because they can").

I mention the Chinese b/c there are a lot of them, especially with the population imbalance, and the ones I've dated have been the kindest. That doesn't speak to all Chinese, of course--they can be as racist as anyone else.

But my general impression is that they want to *be* modern, not throwbacks. Depending on the circumstances, I would not culturally object to my daughter marrying one.

Sammish said...

Well said Heather