Thursday, July 15, 2010

Egypt TV shows Jews as tight-fisted and depraved

The Sha'ar Shamayim synagogue in Adly St, Cairo

Whatever the true facts of the case, the conviction for fraud of the Egyptian-Jewish leader Mrs Carmen Weinstein has to be seen against the background of increased media antisemitism and hostility to the Jews of Egypt. This MEMRI clip shown on Egyptian TV in October 2009 propagates the age-old antisemitic stereotype of the Jew as tight-fisted and depraved, exploiting ordinary Egyptians for every fils. The Jews of Egypt are said to have liquidated their assets and taken their money with them on their mass departure. In other words, contrary to the provisions of the Egypt-Israel peace treaty, it is preparing the ground for denial of Jewish rights: Egypt owes them nothing for their lost property. (With thanks: Lily)

Following are excerpts from a report about the Jews of Egypt, which aired on Al-Mihwar TV on October 6, 2009:

"Presenter: Many Jews lived in Alexandria, and they are well known.

Man on the street: There is a story behind this pharmacy. It was owned by a Jew, called Mizrahi. In 1948, there was an air raid on Alexandria, and Mizrahi took a flashlight, climbed to the roof, and pointed out the houses. People sitting in the Turkish cafe – now called Batata – saw him, and they caught him, gave him a beating, and took him to the police station.

Umm Mary was an old woman, and her husband was called Palacci. This man had a grocery store, and he also worked as a real estate agent. At lunchtime, he would ask his wife: "What’s new, Umm Mary?" She would start talking about people, and then he would cut her off, and say: "If what you are saying doesn’t put money in my pocket, I don’t want to hear about it, my dear.

They are the epitome of miserliness, and if they owe you a penny, you have to wrest it from them.

A woman from Al-Fardous Street was going on a trip, and she sold her mattress to an upholsterer. Do you know what happened? When he opened up the mattress, he found it was full of money. He built a house from this money. I swear this is true.


Presenter: There was a Jew who worked as a watchmaker. When his son died, he published a death notice: "Cohen mourns the death of his son, and he fixes watches." The Jews are like that – they are known to be tightfisted and depraved.

What are the characteristics of the Jew? He is an outstanding economist. The banks in Egypt were established by Jews. In 1880, the first bank in Egypt was founded. It was owned by a Jew called Qattawi, who controlled over one million acres in Egypt. He would give loans to the peasants. Eventually, Qattawi was appointed Finance Minister of Egypt. Who were the most famous Jewish economists of Egypt? The Ad├ęs family, who owned [the businesses] of Rivoli, Omar Effendi, and Benzion, which means "sons of Zion." A Jew called Mosseri owned the hotels of Mina House, Continental, and San Stefano.

The Jews controlled almost the entire Egyptian economy. They had a monopoly on gold, on textile, and on the paper trade. But they were clever, and before they left, they liquidated their businesses and took their money. Then they left."

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Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

after reading this paranoid slop, you tell yourself: So much for "peace."

It may also be that the Egyptians are projecting. Egyptian planes bombed Tel Aviv in the first few days of Israeli independence in May 1948.

Juniper in the Desert said...
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