Monday, May 31, 2010

Turkey 'not hostile' towards its Jews

Fearing a backlash resulting from the deaths today of Turkish jihad flotilla activists bound for Gaza, the Turkish government is moving to reassure Jews living in Turkey that they will not come to any harm, Turkish Press reports:

ANKARA - Acting Prime Minister Bulent Arinc of Turkey said on Monday that there was no hostility against Jewish citizens living in Turkey.

Arinc held a press conference in Ankara and said that a threat against Jewish citizens never took place in Turkey and 70 million Turkish people did not have hostility against Jewish citizens.

"I believe that the people who gathered in front of embassy (of Israel) in Ankara and Istanbul aimed to express their deep sorrow (over Israel's attack on ships carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza). They will not make any harm," he said.

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Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

Arinc may not want to harm
Turkish Jews. Erdogan is something else altogether.

victor said...

Why believe the promises of Islamists?

This Is Hell said...

So they'll only murder a few Jews, not all or even most of them. Thanks for inspecting those ships before they left Turkey. Good job