Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Would you buy a used car from this man?

The Mufti of Syria

Far be it for me to show disrespect to a man of God, but hardly anything the Mufti of Syria tells a delegation of American visitors to Damascus stands up to scrutiny. My comments in italics follow the Mufti's statements as reported by Haaretz (with thanks: bh):

Syria's foremost Muslim leader declared on Tuesday that Islam commands its followers to protect Judaism, according to Army Radio.

Classical Muslim view of Jews as subjugated 'dhimmis'. Under sharia law, Jews surrender their rights to self-defence to Muslims, buying their safety through payment of the poll tax or jizya.

"If the Prophet Mohammed had asked me to deem Christians or Jews heretics, I would have deemed Mohammed himself a heretic," Sheikh Ahmed Hassoun, the Mufti of Syria, was quoted as telling a delegation of American academics visiting Damascus.

Hassoun, the leader of Syria's majority Sunni Muslim community, also told the delegates that Islam was a religion of peace, adding: "If Mohammed had commanded us to kill people, I would have told him he was not a prophet."

During his own lifetime Mohammed turned on three Jewish tribes in Arabia, massacring the men and selling the wives and children into slavery.

Asked if religious wars were the result of politics infiltrating systems of faith, he said, asking:

"Was Moses of Middle Eastern or European descent? Was Jesus a Protestant or a Catholic? Was Mohammed Shi'ite or Sunni?"

Well the Mufti may not know it, but two out of the three were Hebrews.

According to the Mufti, the conflict between Israel and its Arabs neighbors has nothing to do with an Islamic war against Judaism.

I doubt if Hamas, Hizbollah and al-Qaeda would agree.

"Before you got American citizenship, and I got Syrian citizenship, we were all brothers under the dome of God," he said.

It is not different citizenships which make enemies of people.

Jews had once lived in Syria peacefully and with fair treatment, he added, explaining that his own grandfather had a Jewish partner.

Laws placing restrictions on Jewish businesses were introduced in most Arab countries after 1948, forcing Jews into partnership with Muslims. Not a show of tolerance, but an attempt to 'arabise' the economy.

"Jews lived in Syria for years and they still have a role in Syrian society," he said.

Yes, the Jews lived in Syria for over 2,000 years, but the good Mufti neglects to point out that almost no Jews live there now. One wonders how 'significant' a role Jews may play in Syria when there are no more than 50.

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What the Mufti of Syria hopes you don't know (with thanks: Michelle)


Anonymous said...

Dear brethren! This news report and these declarations have caused uproar, revulsion and fury amongst Muslims. Thereafter his eminence the Mufti corrected himself and issued a follow up in the Al-Quds Newspaper after the first report had already been published, in which he corrected some of what was said, amended and clarified what he had meant. However, he committed a mistake and a mistake sometimes can do away with religion, it can do away with life, it can do away with property.

This particular mistake is a disastrous mistake; it is a grievous mistake that cannot be forgiven except by means of repentance and return to Allah Most High; some people will even demand that he renew his Islam. His similitude is like someone who collects honey and then spits in it; his similitude is like someone who churns milk and then urinates in it. A struggle of 40 years in calling to Allah, Most High, can be nullified by a single word, {And We brought all their good work and made it scattered motes}, we beseech Allah for safety.

"If the Mufti himself is saying such things, what then would the enemies of Islam and Muslims say, one internet commentator asked; while another scoffed, "Hail, Pope Hassoun I!".

Another one says, "What kind of a Mufti are you when you disbelieve in Muhammad, upon him be blessings and peace, by trying to pander to Judaism and Christianity in order to please the American delegation?"

Consider that the one you are referring to is the Prophet of Allah, upon him be blessings and peace, not some shopkeeper or army officer.

He came to put kohl in her eyes but blinded her instead‟. He used the word "criminal", and denied that it applied to the Prophet! Is it a compliment to say that the Prophet is not a criminal?

Would he dare to say that if the President ordered me to do such and such I would not do it, and I would say to him you are not a President? I swear by Allah he would not dare to make such a hypothetical statement – it is just rude. If your own son said, „if you become an apostate I would disown you as my father‟, you would become furious and you would say, „who are you to speak to me in that way? Are you supposing that I would become an apostate?‟You would not accept this style from your son towards you; how could it be accepted when the Prophet is addressed? These statements are grave; and the status of the Prophet is sacrosanct. Opening the door to insult the Prophet and display audacity towards him is a matter of the utmost gravity. What gives you an authority over the Messenger of Allah to say, „if the Messenger of Allah ordered me such and such...?‟The Messenger of Allah is the Lawgiver! The Messenger of Allah is the Conveyor! Allah Most High said of him: {Nor does he speak of his own desire; It is but a revelation revealed} (Q 53:3-4).

This means that we know the religion only by way of the Messenger of Allah. Let me even say, do we know the Prophethood of Isa (Jesus) and Musa (Moses) by any other way except through the Prophet upon him be blessings and peace informing us of it? Such knowledge is established through hearing it from the Prophet, not by reason.

I do not think that there is a remedy for such utterances except for him to resign. It is more fitting for him, out of embarrassment and shame before his Lord Allah Most High and before his Prophet, upon him blessings and peace. He should go home and submit his resignation to safeguard this religion for this community, to protect the honour of Syria and the integrity of its scholars; to maintain for the country's leadership and people, its resistance in front of Israel and the Israeli intimidation and American pressure.

bataween said...

Well that's revealing - you think the Mufti was too conciliatory to other religions. I think the Mufti was just being disingenuous.