Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Jews can counterclaim for Osirak reparations

The first contender for Chutzpa Award (cheek) of the Year goes to Mohammed Naji Mohammed, an MP with the Iraqi Alliance Coalition, who is leading a campaign seeking billions of dollars in reparations for Israel's destruction of the Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981.

"The Iraqi government continues to seek redress for an Israeli airstrike against a 1981 Israeli airstrike against an Iraqi nuclear reactor, the lawmaker said in remarks published Tuesday.

'Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs petitioned the United Nations and the UN Security Council to demand that Israel pay compensation ... for the 1981 bombing an (Iraqi) nuclear reactor,' he told the al-Sabah newspaper.

Mohammed said the cabinet had on November 25 approved a plan to seek redress through diplomatic channels, and to form a 'neutral' committee to assess the value of the reparations it would seek.

The discussion is in keeping with U.N. Security Council Resolution 487, which called on Israel to compensate Iraq for the damages it sustained as a result of the reactor bombing.

Apart from the fact that Israel did the international community a huge favour when it rid the world of Saddam's most lethal weapon of mass destruction, Mr Mohammed - and Mr al-Maliki - seem to have forgotten remarks by their own President.

As Point of No Return reported back in May 2009, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani warned that if such a claim is made, Iraqi Jews will make counterclaims for compensation for their properties in Iraq, which are worth billions of dollars.

According to Doron Peskin in Ynet News, the Iraqi parliament bill reclaiming compensation for the reactor bombing was in response to this Jewish claim for $100 billion.

Update: Iraqi immigrants in Israel ARE threatening to file a counter claim against the Iraqi government following the initiative of the Iraqi government to demand compensation from the Government of Israel for bombing the Iraqi reactor decades ago. Here is a Google translation of this Arutz Sheva interview in Hebrew (With thanks: Iraqijews)

A descendant of the Iraqi Muallem family in Israel says that when their valuable properties were nationalised by Saddam, they lost their rights to claim them back. The Israeli government is blamed for racism. Ex-minister Gideon Ezra put them in touch with a lawyer, but nothing was done. The interviewee hopes that the Iraqi move will force the Israeli government to help Jews regain their stolen property.

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NormanF said...

Israel should press ahead with its counterclaim if Iraq continues to persist with its Osirak claim.