Saturday, March 07, 2009

Yemen: Verdict will cause remaining Jews to leave

Yemeni Jews are expected to emigrate following a ruling on Monday that 5.5 million YR (US$ 27,500) in blood money for the murder of a Jewish man is to be paid by the family of 'mentally deranged' Abdul Azeez al-Abdi last December. The Yemen Observer reports.

The court, chaired by Judge Abdul Bari Aqaba, also ordered that the convict should be placed in a psychotic sanatorium. The father of the Jew refused the sentence and asked for an appeal to be made to demand the death penalty against the convict.

“As long as there is no justice for us, then (they should) deport us to Israel, it’s better for us.”

“We’ll go and complain to President Ali Abdull Saleh, and we’ll cut our hair in front of him, if he did justice to us ok, or we’ll cut our heads,” said the father of Mousa in the court room.

The lawyer of the Jewish family, Khaled al-Ansi, said,” The verdict is a big scandal, and declaring us killers of Jews is a big abuse to our values and faith.”

“The trial was not fair, and was not secure, the judge was afraid. The verdict will lead to the immigration of the remaining Jews from Yemen,” al-Ansi added.
On his part, The rabbi of the Jewish community in Amran, Yahya Yaeish, said “The verdict will encourage more killings of Jews.”

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