Friday, April 25, 2008

Bahrain 'to appoint Jewish woman as US envoy'

Bahrain is set to appoint its first Jewish ambassador. (With thanks: Monique)

Although reports are still as yet unconfirmed, Shura Council member Huda Noonoo is expected to be named Ambassador to the US, based in Washington, the sources said last night.

Noonoo belongs to a highly-respected Bahraini Jewish family.

Not only would the appointment of a non-Muslim woman be a break with tradition, it will be the first time that Bahrain will have appointed an ambassador who is not a member of the Bahrain royal family.

Read article in full (Arabic)

A Jewish ambassador in an Arab land

Update: Mrs Noonoo 'is confirmed as the next ambassador to US'

Update to update: Not confirmed yet - Haaretz


Anonymous said...

how can a jewish represent an islamic country,eventhough there are jews (few) in the Kingdom

heather said...

i guess they want to curry favor with the "Jewish Lobby" in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

well as far as it's known no political background,in the parliment after her relative was out a year ago...
weird to be presented there through a jewish coming from the gulf from an islamic country

bataween said...

Why is it weird? Only because there are so few Jews left in the Islamic world. It is easy to forget that inn the last century there was a Jewish finance minister in Iraq, and Jews were in prominent posts in Egypt, and in the government in Tunisia and Morocco.

Anonymous said...

We're not against jews it's a religion like any other existing in the world...she's originaly iraqi,so the point is not jewish religion,it's that bahrain is an islamic country like most of the gulf region,we think to be presented outside bahrain should be through a muslim the end no one knows it's politics