Thursday, June 22, 2006

Jews 'support Iran's nuclear policy'

The Islamic Republic News Agency reports:(with thanks: Albert)

"The representative of the Jewish community in the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis), Maurice Motamed, said here that the Iranian Jews, along with other Iranian nationals, boast of the country's access to peaceful nuclear technology.

"Motamed, currently in Moscow to attend a seminar on Islam and Judaism and the prospect of cooperation, dialogue, told reporters that political pressures will not have any impact on the will of the Iranian nation for making use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

"Iran is an ancient country where various religious and national ethnic groups live freely, he added.

"Referring to the Jewish community as the most ancient minority group living in Iran, he said peaceful coexistence among different religions in Iran has a 2,700-year history.

"Some 25,000 Jews are living in Iran freely, he said stressing that the Jews, like other minorities, are free to perform their religious rituals."

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